We have analyzed why we switch to split workout program after six weeks in my previous article Push-Pull Split. So here is another way in which you can split your workouts. We know that training legs is strenuous than any other muscle group on the body, so we have given a separate day each for the upper as well as the lower body. Without wasting time let’s go directly into the workout.
Muscle groups worked on the Upper split days: chest, deltoid, back, bicep& tricep
Muscle groups worked on the Lower split days: quadriceps, hamstring, calf & abs

Upper body split

Exercise (Sets) x (Reps)
Deadlift 4 x 12, 10, 8 ,6
Flat/inclined bench press 3 x 8
Dumbbell pull over 3 x 10
Military press 2 x 8
Lateral raise 2 x 12
Bicep curl 3 x 8
Lying triceps extension 3 x 8

Lower body split

Exercise (Sets) x (Reps)
Squats / leg-press 3 x 8
Leg extensions 2 x 12
Leg curls for hamstring 3 x 10
Standing calf raise 2 x 12
Hanging leg raise 2 x 10
Bamboo twisting 1 x 50

Workout split

MON – Upper body
TUE – Lower body
THU – Upper body
FRI – Lower body