The majority of people, no matter where they are in the world, will be highly restricted on movement, access to a gym and potentially even nutritional options. These are extremely challenging times and I am empathetic of that – the reality is, we are all in this together. 

Right now the following are inevitable:

Become less active

Become more bored at home which ultimately leads to a lack of structure with diet 

Even though you can not do things optimally right now, you can do the following:

Asses your current activity level and control your food intake accordingly. I would sustain high protein levels to protect your muscle tissue, and reduce calories from carbs and essential fatty acids. Even with home training on limited equipment you almost certainly are not going to experience the same level of intensity. Roughly 10-20% reduction in energy intake should do the trick.

Even if you are unable to do cardio outside, use the stairs for cardio, even the garden or do walking on the spot inside your home. Do something to keep your cardio levels up – I would be aiming for 30 minutes per day.

We tend to eat more due to boredom. Make a plan and recreate a structured eating plan and avoid storing junk in fridge and store healthy options.

Most importantly, use this time to rest and recover your mind and body.

Stay home, stay safe. Lets fish #covid19 #coronavirus together and get rid of it