Being an actress, physical fitness is very important. Though I worked out regularly I had loose mass and my ability to lift weight was very low.
When I met Biglee, I told him my goal was to look toned and gain strength. He started with a simple detox process which gave immediate result on my skin. In 3 months, I could see the changes, not only on how I looked but also on my strength.
While training under him, he suggested me to try for state level powerlifting. I initially thought he was kidding. But he had foresight to see my strength which, even I didn’t realize, I have. He motivated me and pushed me train further. Finally leading me to winning gold in powerlifting (75kgs deadlift). All this while i still looked lean and feminine.
He is the best person to pursue your fitness goals as he motivates you to train to greater level physical fitness and strength.