Weight loss in 3 months:135 to 114kg
Health issues:BP,High cholesterol,Diabetes
Current status:Normal BP,Sugar, Cholesterol

I had never been fit throughout my life.I have tried everything, right from fad
diets,gymming,protein shakes,weight loss centers, swimming and have always wished to be an inspiring transformation story in the center’s banner. But unfortunately it never happened.Frustrated to the core,my hope to get fit, vanished slowly.
Life was as is.But my health suddenly turned worse after my delivery due to whooping weight gain. I never felt confident enough to look at myself in a mirror as I got scared looking at my giant figure. I had almost reached the end of my tether when fate intervened with a helping hand.
My husband, who follows Biglee’s page in Instagram showed me his video about post delivery weight gain in woman..It was really interesting and unique as every video I have seen till date talks about many solutions to deal with the problem but he talked about identifying the root cause and ways to deal with it.I immediately said,”Let’s meet him if possible.I am sure he can help us”. That’s the beginning of this magical journey.
We met him finally, and the discussion was very jovial…He is such a humble and very friendly person.We joined his transformation program as a couple and kick-started our discussions in our WhatsApp group “Mission Slimpossible“. He asked us to take blood test first before starting the program.To my shock,I uncovered that I was Diabetic. Doctor prescribed heavy dose medicines and said if I cannot control my sugar levels in a month I should take insulin shots. That is when I decided, I should immediately stop playing a host to lot of health ailments and get into the best shape ever.
Right from day one,I was sincere in my diet and workout. Miraculously my weighing scale started to budge for the first time.Seeing results so fast motivated me to stay on this journey. To my surprise my sugar levels dropped from(Fasting 214 to 140 and PP-394 to 138). The second month I was in pre diabetic stage and third month my sugar levels returned to normal. I will be off medication if I can maintain the same level for two months. Life would have been terrible if we had not met him on time.His diet and workout plans are very approachable rather than creating food cravings.He is a God sent savior for us. I am truly amazed to see and experience what quantified nutritious diet I can take and the resistance training I can do.My husband has too become super fit and healthy now. We are eternally grateful to him.
This new lifestyle has now turned into addiction!!!
So friends
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