Shut Up and Squat

Today I just thought of explaining a little trick in doing the king of all exercises…. Ya, the Squats. As every true bodybuilder knows, squat is the exercise which distinguishes the wannabes and the big boys. There is no doubt with the name given to Squats “The king of exercises”, because it is the best. They not only work to increase muscle-mass in the lower body, they also have a beneficial anabolic effect on the entire body. They have actually been known to increase the hormone levels in the body. So why skip your leg workout and complain about your hormone levels. Shut up and squat regularly to sky rocket your hormone levels.

Here is an easy way to increase the intensity of a regular squat. Some of you might already do this, but here is a “how to do” just in case if you don’t do this.

How to do the High Intensity Squats?

Do your regular warm-ups. On your working set, drop your weight by some 10%. Perform your squats as usual, squat as deep as possible but with full control. I always suggest people to squat below or at least up to parallel in full control without momentum. Here is the trick – instead of locking out your knees at the top of the movement, try to maintain continuous tension on your muscle by stopping shot of lock-out position and slowly squat back to as deep as you can. Repeat this for a set of about 8-20 reps without locking your knees. At the end of the set you will feel as if your quads are going to explode. Scientific studies have shown that legs respond better to high reps, so try to do a few more reps to your legs in comparison to your upper body exercises.

Try using this with other HIT methodologies to get maximum results. Guys, you are going to love the new muscle growth on your quads and gluteus. Girls you are going to love the firmness and shape development of your lower body after incorporating this.

Also please write your comments below after trying this simple technique.