Winning should not just be a Dream. The Winning attitude should be an all time thing. People who think they are good at something often slip at the first sight of trouble. If winning is so important, a man good at a thing pushes forward consistently and breaks through the barriers of trouble. The one who puts In everything will always win.

Attitude is more like self-esteem. No one can give it to you, you have to develop on your own. You teach it to yourself while your are lonely and while you have company… Its self-taught.

Here are few tips that I use, to teach the winning attitude to myself…

Focus on your passion

Think positively

Slow down the speed of your emotions

Set your goals high and monitor the progress instead of results

Commit to only those goals for which you are willing to make the sacrifice.

Be true to yourself and never ever give up

Excuse is for losers not for you

Avoid the wrong people – YES avoid anyone that brings negativity to you

Believe in yourself

Be prepared for the best, the worst and everything possible

Life never gets easier, keep learning