I was big girl almost weighing 74 kilos, when I had made peace with my size. Through a friend I met Biglee. At the beginning I just wanted to train for an endurance sport for 3 months. But through our engagement, he inspired me so much to not just participate in more such hikes and climbs but also become a better, healthier, fitter and surely better looking version of myself. I lost around 14 kilos with Murali.
I injured my Achilles heel during one of the hikes. Doctors in UK told me these things become chronic, but Biglee didn’t give up on me- through proper diet, nutrition and most importantly guidance and encouragement he brought me back to the hills.
I am presently training with Murali to gain tone and become fitter, while I recover from a shoulder injury. To me, Biglee is a magician who can do things that doctors give up on. He is so committed to my goals, it makes me feel guilty to not contribute my best efforts to a better life for myself 🙂

Thanks Biglee